Philippines M&A Investment Information | Small Business Acquisition in Philippines

Our business is to mediate of M&A “merger and acquisition” between small scale business.
We look for Japanese owner who take over the business in Philippines.
We introduce shops and companies in Philippines to Japanese executives.


*If you would like to sell your shops or companies in Philippines, please contact us.


Information on cases of business sale

◆Japanese restaurant :  Manila :  selling price 45 million yen

Japanese restaurant @ Philippines Manila


◆Spa beauty salon : Bali : selling price 8.5 million yen

Spa & Beauty Salon @ Philippines Cebu island


Advantages of our company

Our President Mr. Keigo Tanaka is trustworthy as he has an National qualification for the legal issue. And he runs the supporting company for the legal issue and the international business. And he is subject to confidentiality obligations under Japanese law. Therefore, your company’s secret is surely protected. High trust is the advantage of our company.


Request example of M&A

· Massage, Swedish massage, Facial massage, Aromatic oil massage
· Eyelash Salon, Nail Salon, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Relaxation Salon
· Spa, Cosmetics, Aroma, Hot Stone
· Cafes, bars, bars, restaurants, mobile stores, fast food restaurants and other restaurants
· Retail stores such as clothing, grocery stores, brand shops, apparel shops
· Small companies such as real estate companies and IT companies
· Education school, gym and other culture school
· Dating · marriage consultation center etc. service industry
· Tourist Tourism
· Construction · Repair · Restoration Project
· Small scale micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises in general


Our Fee

・Our fee is 10% of the selling price. No expenses are required until the contract is concluded.
・We charge 10% for both sellers and buyers.
・The lowest fee is 1 million yen. Tax is required separately.


Our Company

This Website is maintained by Right International LLC. The president of Right International LLC, Keigo Tanaka is a legal advisor who holds a national qualification in law. Keigo Tanaka is an expert in making various types of japanese contracts.


President Keigo Tanaka


Right International LLC
Tokyo Office : 1-11-1-1103 Azabu-juban, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0045
President Keigo Tanaka Cellular phone +81-90-7968-4802

Legal Advisor’s Office “OFFICE RIGHT


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